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We all have different sexual desires and tastes to satisfy. What if you have a kinky sex fetish that you are afraid to let other people around you know yet you crave for meeting like-minded persons? In summary that is what Fetlife is all about. Did I tell you it’s free to join? It’s the dating site that enables you to meet people who share in your fetish. When you join the site, you get to explore your sexual fantasies and fetishes to its fullest. So if you stay through to the end of this Fetlife review post, you will get to know the detailed account of the app and who can benefit from the website. Have you visited several dating sites yet have come out with unsatisfied sexual demands? The drawback could that you have a weird fetish! If so then you are the right person who needs to join the website. It gives you thousands of groups to join depending on your interests. Do you have a foot fetish? Join the site and meet likeminded people. With over 7 million members, you have a high chance of fulfilling your cravings. The setting of the website is close to the Facebook social network. You can join different discussion groups and make new friends. In addition, it also gives you the activity feeds of the users you are following. Literally, it’s the fun website that gives you the opportunity to explore your sexual fetishes. You can even post your picture and read the comments and private message from the Fetlife community. In short all those extreme demands and fetishes you couldn’t do or talk about in real life, Fetlife gives you the chance to explore them. You can never get bored on the site; thanks to the kinky and popular tab. It gives you the well crafted sexy and wicked content to drive you crazy on your fetish.

Sign Up Process

To successfully go through with the Fetlife sign up process you have to own a phone. During the process, the site will send you codes to use through texts. Like all other sites, the platform will require a new user to provide the following details during registration.

  • The nickname
  • Gender
  • Your sexual orientation
  • Your role; could be dominant, submissive, master, mistress slave, or even disciplinarian
  • Date of birth
  • Location
  • Your email address
  • Password

In addition, the site would want you to name your kink and Fetlife fetish. That information is useful as it will enable the website to suggest you the groups which might interest you. Fortunately signing up for Fetlife is free of charge. And as a free member it gives you about 90 percent features of the site for free. However, you won’t be able to gain access to the videos as a free member.

Special Features

  • Public blogs 

    Members can make their own pornographic videos and share them through public blogs. That avails the data to other Fetlife users to watch for free. Similarly, blogs enable members to share their private life to whoever they choose. Through the blogs, members can exchange ideas on how to spice their kinky dating on different fetishes.

  • Discussion group 

    Once registered on the site, members join different discussion groups with each group serving a particular interest. In addition, the group discussion could also serve the interest of users from a particular region. Fortunately, users aren’t limited to the number of groups they can join. In addition to joining groups, Fetlife members who shares Fetlife fetish can team up and form a group. The group members can then carry out closed discussion on the matters affecting them

  • Activity Feeds 

    The activity feeds enable you to keep up with your friends’ activities. For instance, it enables you to stay informed of the discussion groups your friends have joined

  • Upcoming events 

    The feature allows you to stay updated on the upcoming parties and events. The Fetlife community is all about getting kinky. The feature ensures that you receive updated on the coming parties, especially those organized by your group.

  • Stuff you love 

    The feature allows you to keep your favorite photos and videos. Accessing the images and videos then become easier.

  • Relationship menu 

    The feature allows members to announce the particular relationships they are in currently. In addition, they can also specify their role in such relationships, for instance, submissive or dominant partners.

  • Mobile app 

    For easy access to the dating site regardless of your location, the website has the Fetlife app. Thus both iPhone and Android users can access the site easily.

  • Search function 

    Since there are millions of members, the advanced search function makes sifting through profiles much easier. That can be on the basis of location or fetish based. However, the sit doesn’t permit one to perform a search based on age other features


  • ➕ A large number of users typically over 7 million.
  • ➕ Many features are available for free on the site.
  • ➕ Lots of kinks or fetishes variety.
  • ➕ Mobile phone accessible .


  • ➖ Has the old-fashioned user interface.
  • ➖ It lacks the matching algorithm like in Tinder.
  • ➖ Many users do not like showing their faces.


  • 1-month subscription $5
  • 3 months subscription $15
  • 6 months subscription $30


Are you looking for social media dating like a platform to explore your sexual fantasies like daddy kinks? The Fetlife is the place to be. Meet other kinky sex members in thousands of groups and let the fun roll, no shyness. Fetlife lets you realize the joy of BDSM dating.

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