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Mixxxer.com closely related to tinder app targets those classes of people interested in finding sexual encounters without the need for dating or prolonged relationships. Mixxxer.com is designed to help you quickly connect to sex thirsty individuals for a quick relief service, without first exchanging lengthy conversations.

The hooking up services do not take any consideration into your background details; all that matters is your dire need of sexual encounter or fixing. One, therefore, has to be very daring to engage in this type of casual hookup service.

Mixxxer.com also provides its services in the mobile app, will help you find immediate sex partner within your location. This is possible because the technology uses GPS system to hook up individuals in a close territory.

The Pricing

  • Free hookup services
  • Premium services cost $7.99 for one month
  • 3-month package costs $19.99
  • Sign Up Process

    Signing into mixxxer isn’t that pretty straight forward; it calls for some knowledge on how to register on social service pages. The mixxxer app is rather friendly on a mobile screen since it involves swiping like on a Tinder platform. The registration commences with screen buttons, from which you have to provide your basic registration details and what exactly you are looking for. The registration or the sign-up process involves swiping features.

    Special Features

    • Searching for other member is mainly by swiping feature or chatting

    • The mixxxer app relies on the data from the Smartphone for the smooth functioning of the GPS location feature and thereby matching individuals within close proximity.

    • Mixxxer.com has a special feature called shower door that a user can employ to protect his identity when the situation necessitates.
    • For security reasons when the need is, you are not obliged to permanently install the app on your cell phones.

    Members’ Interaction and Messaging

    The basic interaction and communication method on this sex dating app is swiping on sexy images. The members using the app and intending to get a casual hook up can share unlimited no of erotic photos. Searching for potential sex partners involves swiping on a “swipe and fuck screen” on a number of photos. mixxxer.com doesn’t restrict its users on the content and the number of images to share.

    Users who upgrade to the premium services have the advantage of enjoying chatting through text messages. After swiping on a number of photos and locating a potential date, sharing of explicit images will likely increase your chances of getting laid by mature women.


    • ➕ The hookup and sex dating services are provided freely
    • ➕ A user has the option of shielding his identity or exact location if he so wishes
    • ➕ Mixxxer.com services are available as an app on Smartphone


    • ➖ The registration procedure is arguably complicated
    • ➖ Mixxxer app services can not be fully realized on a desktop; it is more mobile phone friendly than desktops.s

    Overall Verdict

    Mixxxer.com provides a good avenue for the brave hearts as a GPS sex finder with no strings attached dating or commitment.

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